The Finnish Expert Group on Hemiptera

The group was formed on November 23rd, 2001. It gives expertise on evaluation of conservation status of species and promotes conservation and habitat management of sites with threatened species. Besides Hemiptera, the group deals with the insect orders Orthoptera, Dermaptera, Neuroptera s.l. & Mecoptera, Psocoptera and Thysanoptera. The group maintains checklists of Finnish Hemiptera and Thysanoptera, and atlases on species distribution of Heteroptera, Auchenorrhyncha, Psylloidea, Aleyrodoidea, Coccoidea, Aphidoidea, Psocoptera and Neuroptera s.l. & Mecoptera.

The group publishes the entomological journal Jalla.


  • Petri Ahlroth, Finnish Environment Institute
  • Anders Albrecht, Finnish Museum of Natural History (chairman)
  • Seppo Karjalainen, Finnish Forest and Park Service
  • Jukka Kettunen, Kuopio Natural History Museum (secretary)
  • Jani Kirjavainen, Entomological Society of Tampere
  • Ilpo Mannerkoski, Finnish Environment Institute
  • Keijo Mattila, Entomological Society of Tampere
  • Veikko Rinne, Zoological Museum, University of Turku
  • Teemu Rintala, Finnish Environment Institute
  • Guy Söderman, Finnish Environment Institute
  Top right: Monalocoris filicis (photo Veikko Rinne)
Bottom right:Bryocoris pteridis (photo Veikko Rinne)
Below: Freshly hatched Cicadetta montana
, (photo Jaakko Lahti)

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